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hello i am florian fenzl.

studied media design at the university of

cooperative education in ravensburg and graduated with 

a bachelor of arts degree in 2018. 


my philosophy is freedom, idea and simplicity.


i love the photography - the analog and digital one.
there is nothing better than the time looking through

the viewfinder. i forget my surounding during compositing the photography. this slow aspect of photography is a magic moment in our fast world.

another passion of me is graphicdesign.

i think it is the best way to find a style during the designprocess. in my opinion the imaginable output is the dead of a designer. i try to combine the design and the artistical aspects to create an unique and personal style. i give myself own rules to get an exciting and interesting designprocess with an creative atmosphere.

that is me in a few sentences.

you want to get to know more about me?

feel free to contact me... 

"you have to be there

to take the picture"

©shannon rogers

 if you want to work together

or if you just want to have a friendly chat :)

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